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Elementary Early Readers (4 - 6yrs)

Tuesday 5:15pm - 6:15pm

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Mid City ,
630 Richland Ave,

Baton Rouge, LA 70806,
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Venue Notes
Classes are held in the education building. Please park in front of the play area, closest to Capital Heights.

The Early Readers Spanish program is designed for students who are in the beginning stages of building reading and writing skills in English. Students will learn Spanish through songs, movement, hands-on games, group story time, and practical conversational phrases that will build their vocabulary, starting with the basics and advancing. In addition to vocabulary and conversation lessons, our curriculum for this class focuses on building literacy skills in Spanish through letter sound recognition and sight words.

Materials included in registration are a Spanish ABC Book, a Sight Word Book and other class materials.
There is a 5 student minimum for this class. Tell your friends!
The Spanish Class maintains a maximum of 1:10 teacher:student ratio in all of our programs.


$60.00 per month

This class is covered by a regular payment every month.

Subscription: Monthly payments of the amount listed above to be collected the first of the month starting in January or the first month your child attends class. You will receive a confirmation via email once you have entered your payment information.
Siblings: A sibling discount will be applied after your registration is processed. You will receive a confirmation with your monthly payment amount via email.

Please contact the office for assistance at 225-302-5669.

All children also have to pay a one-off $20.00 Registration And Materials Fee *per Family

Tuesday 5:15pm - 6:15pm

6 sessions Tue 07 Apr 20 Tue 21 Apr 20 Tue 28 Apr 20 Tue 05 May 20 Tue 12 May 20 Tue 19 May 20